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15+ Robes From Miss Universe Contests That Swept Us Off Our Toes

The Nationwide Costume Presentation, as a part of the Miss Universe contest, is a tribute to custom and sweetness. From legendary creatures to historic milestones and nature, yearly every nation chooses, creates, and presents their costume and the outcomes are a feast for the eyes.

Vivid Aspect created a gallery of robes that aren’t solely spectacular, however have the creativity to mix fashionable tradition with folklore and custom, in a magical mix. Scroll by to the tip, our bonus will reveal the winners of 2018 and 2019.

1. Miss Japan as Sailor Moon, the feminine model of a ninja

2. Miss Canada as the Queen of the Maple Leaf

3. Miss Thailand as “Chang”, the image of Siam

4. Miss Brazil as Arararinha Azul, an Amazonian chook

5. Miss Bahamas as a pineapple

6. Miss Puerto Rico as The Winds of Hurricane Maria

7. Miss Peru as an Amazonian siren

8. Miss Nepal as the Goddess Avalokiteshvara

9. Miss USA as a Rose, the USA’s nationwide flower

10. Miss El Salvador impressed by the Panchimalco Pageant

11. Miss Portugal impressed by the Port of Setubal

12. Miss Costa Rica as the Blue Morpho Butterfly

13. Miss Laos impressed by the Amazonian fires

14. Miss Malaysia as a Malaysian sweets buffet

15. Miss Ecuador impressed by Amazonian birds

16. Miss Russia as a Lady of The Aristocracy

17. Miss Vietnam as Banh Mi, the enduring Vietnamese sandwich

Bonus: The successful costume of 2018 was from Miss Laos, which was impressed by Kinnaree — half-bird, half-woman, all legendary creature.

The successful costume of 2019 was from Miss Philippines, which was a goddess with 2 life-sized birds on her shoulders.

We hope you loved these nationwide treasures of creativity and sweetness. The place are you from? What does the nationwide costume of your nation appear to be? Share your pictures in the feedback.

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