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A Russian Artist Wins the Hearts of 1000’s With Her Comics That Present Life in Its Truest Colours

Life is a fixed battle. And that is what Comicada, an artist from Russia, makes her comics about. Her woman has to take care of life’s difficulties identical to every considered one of us does. And a cat and low assist her on this journey.

We at Vivid Facet did our greatest to present you her most likable comics. Take pleasure in!

19. A sacred second no one dares to disturb:

18. Someplace in a parallel universe revenge is taken.

17. There may be an illusionist in every considered one of us.

16. If you don’t want this crap in your life.

15. If you end up ready for an reply:

14. “They attacked from behind. I couldn’t battle again.”

13. “How can I get to Sweaterburg?”

12. All of us are stars behind the wheel.

11. A phrase concerning the issues of folks with poor imaginative and prescient:

10. And whenever you lastly discover it, solely a little piece comes off.

9. Meomunication is what it is.

8. Be conscious of gangsters in this space and by no means stroll alone.

7. You need to be cautious what you would like for.

6. Each. Single. Time.

5. An excessive amount of cheese is by no means sufficient.

4. If you simply need a little pleasure, however find yourself struggling as a substitute:

3. “Me on the lookout for summer season vibes.”

2. An thought for many who are on the lookout for the simplest alarm clock:

1. As a result of cats will all the time be cats.

In which of these comics did you see your self? If you would draw, which conditions would you illustrate?