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What 17 Animated Characters Would Look Like And not using a Sew of Make-up

We’ve beforehand asked ourselves how some animated characters would appear like with out a few of their most distinctive options. Now, it’s no make-up time. Though a few of these well-known cartoons appear to use little to no face powder, lipstick, or blush, they definitely do look fully totally different after a no-makeup makeover.

Since, at Brilliant Facet, we love experimenting, we need to share the look of these 17 animated characters with no sew of make-up. At the tip of the article, you’ll discover a bonus displaying what the brand new solid of Disney princesses seems like after going for a no-makeup look.

1. Moana

2. Evil Queen

3. Cruella de Vil

4. Mulan

5. Merida

6. Belle

7. Jafar

8. Queen of Hearts

9. Jasmine

10. Maleficent

11. Snow White

12. Ursula

13. Elsa

14. Pocahontas

15. Ariel

16. Hades

17. Vanellope

Bonus: Disney’s new solid options 15 princesses with out make-up

Which of these makeovers impressed you probably the most? Do you assume that these characters look very totally different with out make-up? Would you prefer to see some other character go pure as effectively?