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10+ Meals That Can Final for Years If You Retailer Them the Proper Approach

Nothing good comes from losing meals, so it’s necessary to preserve the meals you’ve got final as lengthy as potential. Typically, all it takes is realizing how one can retailer them correctly. And it can oftentimes result in one thing scrumptious — in any case, sushi was invented as a strategy to preserve fish edible for longer.

We at Shiny Facet love all issues meals so we’re sharing tips on which meals can have a longer shelf life if you know the way to retailer them correctly.

1. Berries: Wash and freeze them.

  • Berries can add taste to a lot of dishes and may make a nice smoothie in a pinch, however they don’t final too lengthy. One exception is frozen berries which might final round one 12 months.
  • When freezing berries, they need to be cleaned in cool water and dried to keep away from spoilage. Place them in plastic luggage earlier than placing them in the freezer.

2. Greens: Pickle them.

  • Freezing isn’t the one strategy to protect greens; pickling them is additionally a traditional away to preserve your meals lasting longer than it would naturally. Every kind of greens might be pickled, most famously cucumbers, that are merely often called “pickles” that typically final round 2 years.
  • Nonetheless, no 2 greens are alike; pickled tomatoes can final up to a month.
  • Simply preserve the veggies in a mixture of vinegar, water, and salt (and generally sugar for style).

3. Carrots: Make them into chips.

  • Carrots are a vegetable many individuals prefer to carry on hand for cooking, however there may be a strategy to make them last more. Reduce carrots and dry them into chips. As soon as dehydrated, they will final up to 25 years.

4. Apples: Dehydrate them.

  • When it involves fruit, apples can final particularly lengthy after they’ve been made into chips — over 20 years, to be actual.
  • Slice the apples and prepare dinner them in a dehydrator. Hold them in sealed plastic luggage or hermetic jars and cans.

5. Nuts: Bag and freeze them.

  • Many nuts are a good supply of protein and they are often stored from going rancid for a very long time. Nonetheless, it’s necessary to preserve them enclosed and in a freezer. Some can final for up to 2 years.
  • Some nuts additionally preserve higher than others — almonds are recognized for lasting a very long time.

6. Beans: Hold them in the can.

  • Beans are versatile; they are often a principal dish, a topping, or a facet. Conserving them in a can will assist them final for 3 to 5 years.
  • To can beans, boil them for two minutes, take away from the warmth, after which soak them for an hour earlier than draining them. Cowl them with recent water and boil them for 30 minutes. Add salt and place them in a jar with their cooking water, leaving about 1 inch of headspace.

7. Maple syrup: Freeze it.

  • As lengthy as you retain it frozen, maple syrup might be saved indefinitely. And whereas your first intuition may be to put them over some pancakes, there are many makes use of for the stuff. Some folks even make sweet out of the syrup!

8. Fish: Purchase it canned.

  • Good-quality canned fish, like tuna, has a lengthy shelf-life: some final for up to 3 years. That stated, when you open the can, it must be eaten.
  • As soon as opened, the fish solely lasts a few days in the fridge and solely a few months in the freezer.

9. Honey: Retailer it out of the solar.

  • Honey might be eaten as is, whether or not it be as a sugar substitute or a treatment to calm a sore throat. Know that it can crystalize, and industrial honey normally has expiration dates, however the stuff on the shelf nearly lasts forever — honey has even been discovered intact inside Historical Egyptian tombs. Simply preserve it in a cool container out of daylight, ideally in the one you bought it in.

10. Milk: Powder it.

  • Milk doesn’t normally final very lengthy, even when stored chilly, however there may be a easy strategy to at all times preserve dairy on hand: use powdered milk, which might final up to 25 years.
  • Whilst you can merely buy powdered milk, there are a few methods to make it out of regular milk. You possibly can put it inside an evaporator or dehydrator till it obtains a flaky texture, or you may mix or condense it till it turns into a advantageous powder and preserve it in an air-sealed Mason jar.

11. Vinegar: Retailer it tightly.

  • Vinegar and honey may be polar opposites, as the outdated saying goes, however they’ve one factor in widespread: they will final indefinitely.
  • Whereas the vinegar gained’t cease being protected to eat, if you need the highest quality, preserve it in a tightly sealed container away from warmth or mild, and use it inside 2 years of opening.

What are another methods you prefer to protect meals? Please share your strategies with us in the feedback!

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