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15 Folks From the Previous Who Are Nonetheless Cooler Than We’ll Ever Be

From having the ability to do a handstand on 2 skateboards to placing on a disguise to get in the yearbook twice and make a assertion, individuals from the older generations might do it all. In truth, with such daring decisions and style in trend, we assume a few of them are nonetheless approach cooler than we’ll ever be.

Vibrant Facet has handpicked 15 of the good individuals from the previous.

1. “My dad disguising himself to get in the yearbook twice (Eighties)”

2. My great-grandmother used to be an acrobat for a circus in the early 1900s.

3. My grandma, again in the ’60s

4. My dad at his first job at NASA, 1986

5. In the Nineteen Sixties, my mother labored as an editor for Tiger Beat journal and hung out with The Rolling Stones and The Beatles.

6. My mother and father’ wedding ceremony in the Eighties, dads carrying turquoise velour footwear and mothers gown is white leather-based.

7. My nonna together with her motorbike in Italy, across the Nineteen Fifties

8. “My auntie in the Nineteen Seventies, wanting like an album cowl”

9. My mother labored as a tech for fighter planes in the ’80s.

10. “My aunt when she received Miss Indian America, 1954”

11. My mom doing a handstand on 2 skateboards, Eighties

12. “My grandma in 1958, the identical 12 months she had my mother”

13. My mother in 1985, dressed as Pris from Bladerunner on Halloween

14. Mother made her personal wedding ceremony gown, 1959

15. “My grandma and John Lennon in the ’60s”

How cool have been your mother and father and grandparents rising up? Share their images with us in the feedback!

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