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16 Ladies Who Dared to Get a “Blind Makeover” and Modified Past Recognition

Blind Makeover is a mission developed by make-up artist Oxana Trunova and hairstylist Olga Tarasova. The individuals are girls who need to change their look however don’t know what to get. They place their full belief in Oxana and Olga’s skilled abilities and say, “Do no matter you need.”

At Brilliant Aspect, we’ve been following this mission’s growth intently, and we’d prefer to present you the brand new, vibrant transformations of these courageous girls.

1. Nina

2. Tatiana

3. Olivia

4. Gloria

5. Stella

6. Gabriella

7. Natalie

8. Helen

9. Julia

10. Natalie

11. Alexandra

12. Sonya

13. Margot

14. Ella

15. Julia

16. Inna