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20 Hairstyles Our Of us Thought Have been Edgy and Cool

Taking a look at a decades-old picture album is our ticket to the previous. And there’s at least one element that may immediately seize our consideration there — it’s the hairstyles of our people. Large and puffed-up hairdos, elegant curls, and loopy spikes make us really feel the spirit of that point, and we need to dive into their youth.

Shiny Aspect managed to discover hairstyles that our dad and mom and grandparents proudly had, and now we are sharing them with all of you.

1. “A can of hairspray each 3 weeks and a memorable time. 1988 highschool image.”

2. “My dad in the 80s.”

3. “Image of my grandma and my mother in the 1970s”

4. “My aunt and grandmother in 1990. The hair is epic.”

5. “My dad and mom once they had been 16 and 17 (1987)”

6. “My grampa, who celebrated his 90th birthday at the moment — circa the 1950s”

7. “My great-grandmother in Cuba in the 1930s”

8. “My mom at her senior promenade in the 80s”

9. “Mema and all her hair in the 1960s”

10. “My mom in the 1980s”

11. “That is me in an ’80s rock band photoshoot.”

12. “My father in the 1970s”

13. “My mom in 1946”

14. “My grandma Wendy at age 12 or 13, taken round 1967. I simply can’t recover from the hair.”

15. “My dad’s senior image from the ’70s.”

16. “My great-great-great-grandfather who was born in 1834”

17. “Mother’s hair in 1980s”

18. “My mother was manner cooler in the 1980s than I’ll ever be.”

19. “My mother’s senior 12 months 1969. That hair!”

20. “My great-grandma Maxine in the 1940s”

Do you may have a favourite coiffure from the previous? Or perhaps you may have a picture of your dad and mom and grandparent’s stylish hairdos?

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