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7 Shaving Errors That Would possibly Wreck Your Pores and skin

Girls spend greater than 58 days eradicating hair from their our bodies throughout their lifetime. Most ladies select shaving as a painless, inexpensive, and simple hair elimination technique. And whereas shaving isn’t precisely rocket science, there are some frequent errors that may critically have an effect on your well being and your seems.

We at Vivid Facet have executed some analysis to discover out what shaving errors are higher to keep away from.

1. You’re utilizing a “ladies’s” razor.

Males’s razors have extra tightly-packed blades designed to lower thick facial hair. As a result of males’s razors are made to navigate across the chin and neck, the top of the razor has an correct swivel which minimizes the possibilities of getting lower. One other main upside to utilizing males’s razors is the worth: they’re less expensive than girls’ razors.

2. Your razor has too many blades.

Though utilizing a razor with 4 or 5 blades can provide the feeling of a shut shave, it can injury your pores and skin. Whenever you shave, you chop into your pores and skin, and utilizing a 1 or 2-blade razor can decrease the possibility of you growing razor burn.

3. You’re shaving in the improper path.

Whenever you’re transferring your razor upward, you’re going against the grain, which makes you extra prone to lower your self. Shaving upward also can result in razor burn, broken hair follicles, and ingrown hairs. Shaving your legs downward will decrease pores and skin irritation and may shield you from razor burn.

4. You don’t wait sufficient in the bathe.

It’s higher to save shaving for the top of your bathe when your pores and skin is hotter and your leg hair is softer. Shaving when your pores and skin is nonetheless dry or with out utilizing lotions or gels might provide you with razor burn and itchiness.

5. You’re sharing your razor with somebody.

Sharing a razor is an straightforward technique to swap germs and micro organism. The blades can unfold infections comparable to folliculitis or fungal an infection. Micro organism that trigger herpes and hepatitis also can develop in the moist areas between blades.

6. You don’t change blades usually sufficient.

When the blades look boring or the moisturizing strip at the highest has light, it’s time to exchange your razor. Shaving with outdated, boring blades might result in pores and skin irritation and razor rash. Outdated razors can carry micro organism that may enter your freshly opened pores.

7. You’re storing your razor in the bathe.

Holding your razor in a dry place prevents rust and micro organism from harboring in the blades. One of the best ways to retailer your razor is to preserve it upright and out in the open to enable the blades to totally dry.

Are you making any of these errors? Do you understand another shaving hacks you may share with different Vivid Siders?