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8 Tricks to Get Rid of Knotty and Tangled Hair That Even Rapunzel Wasn’t Conscious Of

Girls spend nearly an hour a day specializing in hair care, which makes up roughly 2 full weeks of hair-fixing time over a yr! With tons of of 1000’s of strands on your head, attempting to brush your hair and getting it prepared for the day can take fairly a lot of time — particularly if you run into unruly knots. Whereas detangling might be such a chore to undo, there are methods we can forestall tangles and ease them out of our hair.

We at Vivid Aspect have discovered some methods to de-stress your tresses, so you possibly can run your fingers straight by way of your hair from root to tip!

1. Comb your hair in segments.

Detangling hair might be fairly a chore and even painful. When coping with knots, it is finest to work in sections. Just like haircutting, divide your hair into smaller clumps earlier than operating your comb or brush by way of it. If your hair is deeply tangled, try utilizing your fingers or a wide-toothed comb so that it doesn’t harm an excessive amount of.

2. Brush your hair from backside to high.

The commonest method to brush your hair is from the foundation to the tip — however when coping with tangles, it is higher to begin close to the tricks to take away the knots and work your method upward. Begin at the guidelines of your hair, the place tangles are most incessantly current, after which transfer on to the mid-section of your hair. Holding your hair in one hand, whereas brushing your hair with the opposite hand, helps forestall any ache and makes it simpler to undo frizzy knots. As soon as the tangles are eliminated, you possibly can proceed with the root-to-the-tip brush strokes.

3. Therapeutic massage your shampoo in.

When utilizing shampoo, it is finest to focus solely on your scalp. Use the guidelines of your fingers to rub in the shampoo, whereas gently massaging your scalp. Keep away from instantly making use of shampoo on the center and ends of your hair since shampoos strip the oil out of your hair and scalp, which makes hair liable to drying out. As you proceed to lather and rinse, the shampoo will unfold to the remaining components of your hair anyway. For finest outcomes, use all-natural and sulfate-free shampoo.

4. Dry your hair gently.

Hair is weak and liable to breakage when it’s moist. Vigorously rubbing your hair and wrapping it tightly in a towel can truly add to the formation of extra tangles. It is finest to lightly squeeze and pat your hair dry with a towel, after which let it dry naturally or with the assistance of a fan.

5. Keep away from moist hair brushing.

As a result of your hair is weakest when it’s moist, it is recommended to keep away from operating your comb by way of it proper after your showers. If you comb moist hair, likelihood is that your hair would possibly break, finally inflicting knots in varied areas. As a substitute, you possibly can gently run your fingers by way of your hair to clean it out and take away any tangles.

6. Moisturize and situation repeatedly.

Shampoos and hair therapies tend to dry our hair out, which makes it extra liable to tangles. In order to reverse this, nourishing your hair with wholesome oils is important for holding tangles at bay. Conditioning doesn’t essentially imply making use of liberal quantities of store-bought conditioner. There are lots of extra pure and more healthy substitutes to your typical conditioner like hair serums, coconut oil, avocado oil, and hair masks.

7. Sleep on low-friction materials.

Imagine it or not, the kind of pillows you sleep on can truly be the reason for the knots you’ve in your hair if you wake up. Friction-causing supplies like polyester and cotton can go away your hair dry and tangled. To keep away from this, you possibly can evenly tie again or braid your hair earlier than sleeping, or you possibly can think about using a silk pillowcase.


Preserve your hair up if you’re on the transfer.

It is vital to bear in mind that extreme motion and wind may also contribute to tangles. So if you intend to experience round in your automobile with the home windows down or if you’re in the temper for some bodily exercise, hold your hair tied up. If you’ve lengthy hair, it is higher to hold it up in a bun, relatively than a low ponytail, which is nonetheless liable to ending up in knots.

Do you employ one or extra of the following tips in your every day hair care routine? Are there some other suggestions or methods that hold your tangles at bay?

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