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9 Instances When Costume Designers Royally Messed Up in Well-known Motion pictures With out Anybody Noticing

Despite the fact that there are dozens of completely different consultants that work on the appearances of characters in motion pictures, they aren’t proof against making errors. And in the top, viewers could catch these fails in make-up or costume decisions that couldn’t have presumably existed throughout the time in which the film was set.

We at Shiny Facet determined to watch a few of our favourite motion pictures and browse some trend historical past books to discover the errors make-up artists and costume designers have made in fashionable movies.

Gone with the Wind

No matter how fashionable Scarlett O’Hara was, she couldn’t have predicted the clothes developments for many years in advance. Her well-known slim-fitting crimson gown with feathers and rhinestones has nothing to do with Civil War fashion — it was impressed extra by kinds from the 1930s and 1940s.

Julius Caesar

In the 1953 movie, most of the feminine characters wore extravagant bullet bras. In Historic Rome, girls would put on a strophium, a prototype for the fashionable bra, however these weren’t bullet bras.

Legends of the Fall

Attempting to create a romantic look, costume designers ignored the historic facts. Brad Pitt’s character has stunning blonde hair and facial hair however this stuff have been unacceptable for the time interval. More and more males have been selecting to don massive mustaches and brief hair at this time.

King Arthur

The movie, which is set in the fifth century, portrays knights in heavy metallic armor. However till the fourteenth century, such armor was product of leather, and solely mail armor was product of metallic.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The movie is about occasions that occurred in the ’90s and the garments look fairly correct, nonetheless, they’re nonetheless not excellent. Dudley Dursley is carrying G-Unit shorts — a model that was created by 50 Cent in 2003.

Whats up, Dolly!

Queen Margot

All through the whole movie, the characters are carrying stunning attire with open shoulders. They give the impression of being nice however in the sixteenth century, girls by no means ignored shifts (or chemise in French). These items of clothes protected them from the chilly, absorbed sweat, and have been very easy to wash.

One other mistake costume designers made was the best way the primary character’s hair was let down. Primarily based on the few portraits we have of Margaret of Valois, she had curly hair that she wore up.

The Danish Woman

The Danish Woman begins in 1926 however in the primary half of the movie, we see girls in slim-fitting garments which have nothing to do with the style of the Nineteen Twenties.

At the start of the movie, Gerda has a hairstyle that was really fairly outdated for the setting that favored waved or bobbed hair.

A Harmful Methodology

In one scene, Keira Knightley seems solely in her corset, which is a contradiction to the unique rules that got here together with carrying this piece of clothes. A lady would by no means put on a corset alone.

Bonus: Mary Queen of Scots

In Mary Queen of Scots, Saoirse Ronan is carrying asymmetric earrings, which have been non-existent in sixteenth-century Scotland.

In your opinion, do you assume such errors are critical or no massive deal?