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What 15 Aged Rock Stars Seemed Like When They Had been Youthful

Whereas we may not like the thought, time actually doesn’t cease for anybody. From sooner or later to the subsequent, we get up and understand how briskly we have grown older. And when it involves celebrities, it works the very same method. That’s proper, rock giants like Cher or Paul McCartney age as properly. However even when a few of the largest stars of all time have now turned 70 and even older, no matter how outdated they’re, they’re nonetheless celebrities, and we’ll love them till the top of time.

Vivid Facet got down to keep in mind outdated occasions and compiled 15 pairs of photos to examine the “earlier than” and “after” of some showbiz superstars who are actually in their 70s however nonetheless lively.

1. Cher (73 years outdated)

2. Paul McCartney (77 years outdated)

3. Dolly Parton (74 years outdated)

4. Ozzy Osbourne (71 years outdated)

5. Brian Might (72 years outdated)

6. Bruce Springsteen (70 years outdated)

7. Eric Clapton (74 years outdated)

8. Tina Turner (80 years outdated)

9. Elton John (72 years outdated)

10. Mick Jagger (76 years outdated)

11. Steven Tyler (71 years outdated)

12. Robert Plant (71 years outdated)

13. Debbie Harry (74 years outdated)

14. Iggy Pop (72 years outdated)

15. Barbra Streisand (77 years outdated)

Do you keep in mind any of these distinctive artists? Would you add another celebs to the checklist? Inform us about it in the remark part!

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