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What the Characters From “Monsters, Inc.” Would Look Like if They Had been Human

Many occasions animated movies have characters that, although we know they might not exist in actual life, have traits that remind us of people. And perhaps not simply any human, however ones that we have encountered in our each day lives. Typically they even bear a slight resemblance to different characters performed by real-life actors. Effectively, we’re positive everyone will agree that that is the case with films like Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University, in which their charming characters are so actual and near us that there’s no likelihood you haven’t requested your self what they might appear like if they had been human.

Of course, the Brilliant Aspect illustration workforce had the identical query. However because of their nice drawing expertise, they didn’t must await Pixar to launch a live-action film to know what the characters from Monsters Inc. would appear like as people. In our opinion, Celia is one of the best one! And don’t miss the bonus at the top of the article, you’ll be stunned!

1. James P. Sullivan

2. Mike Wazowski

3. Randall Boggs

4. Roz

5. Celia

6. Henry J. Waternoose III

7. Abominable Snowman

8. George Sanderson

9. Fungus

10. Don Carlton

11. Scott Squibbles

12. Artwork

13. Professor Knight

14. Sheri Squibbles