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Look What’s Hiding Inside Hong Kong’s Cage Properties

The density of the inhabitants in Hong Kong is large and that’s why the town retains rising upward. The vast majority of the inhabitants lives in skyscrapers which might be deservedly referred to as cage properties. Lots of us have seen these huge buildings in images, however only a few folks really know what’s hiding inside them.

We at Vibrant Aspect realized how Hong Kong folks dwell and now our flats appear fairly spacious and comfy to us.

These are Hong Kong cage properties.

The typical value of one sq. meter right here is about $ 28,570. For comparability, it’s $3,250 in Moscow. That’s why social inequality is very pronounced in Hong Kong and one cage home can comprise a number of varieties of flats for folks with totally different ranges of revenue.

There are 4 completely various kinds of flats in cage homes:

1. Dorms for poor folks

Greater than 20% of the Hong Kong inhabitants, which is virtually 1.5 million folks, live beneath the poverty line. There are so-called dorms in these cage properties for them. The dorms are rooms with about 20 cages inside; every cage is about 70 in by 24 in. The poor actually dwell in cages the place they maintain their modest belongings. Dwelling in these horrible situations nonetheless prices them about $180-200 per 30 days. Not all of these individuals are unemployed, many promote issues at markets or wash dishes, however nonetheless, they’ll’t afford higher dwelling situations for themselves and proceed to dwell in these cages for years.

2. Communal flats for the decrease class

There are particular communal flats for this class of folks in cage properties. They’ve a widespread kitchen and bathroom, and 5 to 6 tiny rooms the place solely a desk and a mattress can match. If you might be fortunate sufficient, you would possibly discover house for a closet too, nonetheless, oftentimes folks need to grasp their belongings proper on the partitions. This sort of room cost about $500 per 30 days.

3. Tiny flats for the youth

It’s very tough to begin an impartial life in Hong Kong as a result of renting an condominium prices a lot of cash. A one bed room flat in a cage residence in the suburbs will cost you virtually $1,650 each month. At the identical time, the typical salary for males is $2,500 and $1,900 for ladies. That’s why younger folks can solely afford tiny shelters for themselves, the place it’s onerous to even transfer. Most flats even lack a kitchen however at the identical time, these flats are sometimes full of varied sensible devices and gadgets, secret closets, and transformable furnishings.

4. Flats for the center class

So-called rich Hongkongers, who’ve managed to grow to be profitable at work, lease or even personal flats with kitchens and loos in these cage properties. However these dwellings are often extraordinarily tiny and there are 4-5 those that squeeze right into a house of about 215-270 sq ft.

Generally every member of the family doesn’t even have their very own bed room. That’s when ingenious Hongkongers use varied methods, like putting in futuristic beds, which in reality function separate rooms.

Would you be in a position to dwell in these restrained situations or does your private house matter to you a lot? We could be glad to learn your opinions in the feedback!

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